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Authentic Leadership Summit 2020: Day 2, March 19 Speaker Lineup

Learn purposeful and meaningful leadership from Australia’s top CEOs and MDs 

Now more than ever, companies are judged by the strength of their reputation and character. Business leaders are challenged to go beyond performance and aim to achieve a higher level of trust to win customers and attract and retain the best talent. 


The Authentic Leadership Summit 2020 (17-20 March, Sydney) is a 4-Day gathering of Australia’s top CEOs and MDs who will help you develop authenticity, openness, and trust to lead successfully.

Presenting the impressive key speaker lineup for Day 2, March 19. 

“Failure has been my best friend as a writer. It tests you to see if you have what it takes to see it through.” Join Markus for a rare insight into his creative process, particularly his thoughts on failure, and the universal insights that we can derive from it.  

Visionary leadership requires asking the right questions of the right people to make sure that they support you on your mission. In this keynote, Steven will examine the importance of strong communication in the execution of organisational strategy and revenue growth.  

The modus operandi that has driven Katrina’s rise is the refusal to get bored in a role and to seek and accept new challenges actively. Her session will focus on how all leaders need to say yes to opportunities for growth, even when they may be outside your comfort zone.  

KFC is built on a rock-solid culture and on the strength of its brand to carry the same energy and ethos globally. Roger Eaton joins us to explain how authentic leadership drove the organisation from strength to strength.   

Tom Rogers has been a leader and an advocate for leadership education his entire career. Having been appointed recently for another five-year term as Commissioner of the AEC he continues to lead the organisation to deliver the Australian citizen’s right to vote. 

Under Scott’s leadership, Sunsuper grew from $24B with 1M members in 2014 to over $72B and 1.4M members under management to-date. In his session, Scott will outline how to cultivate authentic organisational values to drive reputation and company performance.  

Carlton United Breweries has seen a series of ownership and market changes, not to mention the changing tastes of the Australian public. Peter will talk about how a strong culture can weather uncertainty in corporate activity and market forces.


If you’ve ever worked for a successful start-up, you’d know that it involves wearing many hats and fast-paced growth and ensuring that your people are supported to thrive in this environment. Karen joins us to show you how you can deliver great results by helping others reach their true potential.  

Previously the President of BMW Group India, where he continues to serve as chair, Vikram will outline strategies gleaned from his years of experience to ensure your people are supported and empowered to succeed. 


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