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7 Mental Tips to Stay Motivated and Achieve More in 2020

7 Mental Tips to Stay Motivated and Achieve More in 2020

As the year closes, it’s good to take stock of what we have set out to accomplish. Whether it’s trying to lose weight, learning a new skill or starting a big and audacious initiative at work, how would you score your performance in 2019? How far did you get on with your resolutions and goals?  

If you checked everything off your list, well done you high-achieving individual!   

But if you somehow failed in reaching an attainable goal because of self-doubt, procrastination or lack of “stick-to-itiveness”, then these 7 Mental Tips to Stay Motivated and Achieve More in 2020 might be just what you need! 


1. Make S.M.A.R.T. goals  

Generally, S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, Time-based) are more attainable than abstract ambitions, for example – “sign up at least 10 new customers a month”, or walk 10,000 steps daily” have a higher probability of success than “increase sales or lose weight”. 


2. Begin with the end in mind 

Hold the vision of the outcome in your head and then work backwards to layout the steps necessary to complete it. This mindset will help you plan strategically through any kind of mission. 


3. Do the heavy lifting at the start 

Setting up systems and processes is a lot of work but investing in it will eliminate drudgery and optimise your efforts in the long run. For example – cooks who get their mise en place right (a culinary process in which ingredients are prepared and organised before the actual cooking) produce more quality meals in the least amount of time.  


4. Celebrate small wins 

Research has found that giving yourself a pat on the back for completing even the smallest of tasks is self-motivating. Once you’ve acknowledged that you’re making headway on your goals, you are more likely to increase your efforts and work smarter and faster to achieve them. 


5. Focus on the other stakeholders 

What can lift you out of a slump is shifting focus toward people who also stand to win or lose from your success or failure. If you have children, for example, thinking about their future will motivate you to stay healthy. In business, thinking about how you’re making your customer’s life better will fuel you to achieve greater. 


6. Make it fun 

The reality is that work can be tedious and difficult at times. The trick is to focus on the elements that you find enjoyable. For example  updating the CRM for most salespeople is an awful chore. One way to make mind-numbing data entry fun is by racing with coworker – seeing who can get the most done in an hour. 


7. Seek out the A Players – highly motivated achievers 

To be successful, align yourself with the A players in your organisation. Being part of the A Team is highly motivating – model yourself after them and seek their advice. Ask them about what they are working on and offer help. Real A players are naturally generous and would love any opportunity to teach. 


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