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4 Ways Women Lead – The Gold Standard for Leadership

4 ways women lead

Learn the success formula of women leaders. Here’s a hint – it includes being inclusive, supportive and even vulnerable.


Women leaders over the years have proven that it is possible to inspire success in others by veering away from the command-and-control model usually associated with men. Some women have ascended to high corporate status for winning the trust and cooperation of their co-workers by being inclusive, supportive and even vulnerable.  


A study by Harvard Business Review on Ways Women Lead in 1990, described this style of leadership as “interactive management”. It is largely attributed to women and characterised by encouraging participation, sharing power and information, energising and enhancing self-esteem in co-workers.  


By contrast, the command-and-control style associated with men is defined by encouraging independent action, retaining power and information and focusing on the task rather than on the co-worker performing the task.  


After almost thirty years since the publication of the study, interactive management has become the gold standard of leadership.


Learn and understand the key principles and behaviours of interactive management and integrate them in your leadership tool kit using this quick and easy guide – 



4 Ways Women Lead


The concept of Interactive Management has been around for thirty years, but there’s still a lot of progress to be made in getting more women to attain positions of leadership.   


It’s high time for women to come together and lead the charge of developing diverse talent and creating new paths for advancement.


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