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Announcing the Women in Education Leadership Summit 2020

Women in Education Leadership Summit 2020

Senior women executives of elite learning institutions come together to support women in education to advance their leadership careers 

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Empowering women in education  

The Leadership Institute brings together senior female leaders from elite learning institutions in Australia and the US for the Women in Education Leadership Summit 2020, held from the 5th to 8th May in Sydney.


The summit, which is aimed at both the secondary and tertiary sectors, looks to empower both current and upcoming women leaders to believe in themselves, put their hands up for opportunities, mentor and support aspiring leaders, transform their workplace and develop the necessary business skills to effectively lead a high-performance team and organisation.


Featuring an esteemed lineup of speakers

Senior women leaders of Princeton, Harvard, Deakin, The University of Western Australia, and many more, share their experiences and insights on how women educators can grow their leadership abilities. Educators will learn from fellow educators how to effectively navigate their responsibilities and constituencies in order to advance their initiatives and consequently, their leadership careers. 


Investing in executive education

The four-day summit is an intensive program designed to teach teachers how to plan their own career development. Through lectures, panel discussions and workshops, they will learn how to think strategically and develop executive skills to add to their toolkit.  


Connecting with a diverse, like-minded community 

Attendees of this summit – current and aspiring leaders – will come away with actionable information to forward their career ambitions. Helping them through their journey is a community of supportive women who are passionate about leading the change in education.  


It’s high time for women in education to invest in their own leadership and executive training. Sign up for the Women in Education Leadership Summit 2020 and grow in your ability to drive successful innovation in the business of education. 


Women In Education Leadership Summit May 2020