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3 Ways of Adopting a High-Performance Mindset

3 Ways of Adopting a High-Performance Mindset

Learn how you can adopt the high-performance mindset to achieve new levels of growth, innovation and success. 


What is a high-performance mindset? Who’s got it and how do you develop it?


A high-performance mindset is a mental tool for increasing competence and self-improvement to excel in a high-pressure environment.


It’s often said that leaders with a high-performance mindset have no limit on their growth and success. They define success in terms of exceeding potential and pursuing new, unexplored heights of achievement. They’re relentless and daring – staying on-mission through failure and defeat because they view them as great learning opportunities.


Consider Jeff Bezos, for example. He grew Amazon from an online bookstore into a trillion-dollar behemoth that sells everything under the sun and, soon, the promise of space travel for all!


Following Bezos’ quest for world-domination over the years, you can’t help but wonder – how does he do it? It is safe to bet that he practices leadership with a finely tuned high-performance mindset.


You can train yourself to lead with a mindset built for resilience, daring and innovation to achieve new levels of success. Here are 3 ways you can lead with a mindset of high-performance like Bezos –


#1 Master Discipline and Excellence

“You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”

The ability to summon Bezos-like intelligence, grace and confidence is developed through rigorous and disciplined training over time. It is the core component of the high-performance mindset – a tough mind with unlimited capacity to deliver under extreme pressure.


#2 Maintain Laser-like Focus

“You need a vision. That’s a touchstone. It’s something you can always come back to if you ever get confused.”

Maintaining focus is one of the reasons why a peak performer like Bezos is powerful. Practice focus by aiming your attention to the right things at the right time and staying on-mission without emotion, bias and distraction.


#3 Dare to Think Differently

“I think frugality drives innovation just like other constraints do. One of the ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out.”

High-performing leaders like Bezos win in life by daring to think laterally to solve difficult problems. They consistently excel because they know how to think well – logically and creatively.


Unlocking your capacity for high-performance is critical to your personal and leadership success. 

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