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5 Event Sponsorship Executions that Customers Love

5 Event Sponsorship Executions that Customers Love

Here are 5 great examples of engaging executions that you can only achieve with an event sponsorship to make your brand stand out in the market. 


With event sponsorship, brands can extend awareness and exposure into a fully engaging customer experience. No other advertising vehicle can offer a full-range of executions to create a deeper, longer-lasting connection with attendees than an event.


Your partnership with the right event creators can communicate your brand’s objectives in ways that are exciting, informative, entertaining and best of all, memorable for attendees – your target customer.


Here are 5 examples of engaging executions that you can only achieve with an event sponsorship to make your brand stand out in the market.


Event Execution #1 Social Media Wall

Imagine your social media content prominently displayed on a large screen right at the center of the event. The digital wall is showing your brand-curated messages, videos and images side-by-side with your customer’s by using a hashtag.


It’s quite stunning to see how your message is received and then amplified by attendees on the event’s social media wall in real time! Check out this video sample from


Event Execution #2 Video Live Streaming

Your brand presence at the event is amplified online with video live streaming. Over the years, video live streaming has grown to be a popular marketing channel because of its ability to increase audience reach.


Live-streaming video can induce FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in non-attendees. In fact, 30% of people who watched a live-streamed video will attend the same event in-person the following year. See the livestream highlights of Xerocon London 2019, to understand the ability of video to pull the viewer into the experience.



Event Execution #3 Interactive Games

Game stations at events offer a fun, welcome break for attendees after long hours of workshops and sessions. If you’re wondering how cool this experience can be, watch this SAP-sponsored Basketball Arena at a SXSW event.


Event Execution #4 Digital Lounge

A digital lounge is a dedicated space for attendees to relax with free wi-fi, charge their phones and browse your online content. It’s a great opportunity to chat with them, offer one-on-one consults, get quick feedback with surveys and give away merch. It’s also a fun way to bring in attendees and for them to get to know you. Check out the Deloitte Digital Lounge at Adobe Summit for inspiration.



Event Execution #5 Pop-up Bar or Cafe

Food printing (logos printed on snacks), company branded drinks, baristas offering artisanal coffee, pastries, hot meals or a full-spread chef’s table — there’s nothing quite like delicious food and drink to attract attendees. Watch how Briggo Coffee launched its brand at SXSW event.



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