03 - 04 November, 2020 Masterclass One
01 - 02 December, 2020 Masterclass Two

About this Online Masterclass

Cultivating resilience within yourself and your own leadership style is a vital skill. It’s not easy to master. The next level is understanding how to impart and coach your team, department, or organization to also achieve this feat. Great teams thrive under pressure because managers and leaders have made them resilient.
At no time is this skill more required in all levels of leadership than now.
Building Resilient Teams features collated research on the top psychological hacks guaranteed to build long-lasting resilience in your team. These discoveries are presented by leading psychologists, neuroscientists, and human behavioral experts so you can take away practical tools and strategies for you to use quickly, simply, and without fuss.

Presented in conjunction with

The Workplace Mental Health Institute is a strategic educational resource for organizations wanting fast and sustainable changes that drive their organization’s culture, employee engagement, and mental health. Their aim is to show organizations the psychologically safe actions and strategies proven to positively impact employee engagement, culture, mental health, and wellbeing.
Today, all organizations have a legal obligation to care for the wellbeing of their workforce. WMHI’s aim consultancy helps them meet those legal obligations by training managers to be a key influence art work.


Just Imagine the key benefits of attending!

  • A management team knowing exactly what to do and say to build the resilience of their teams
  • Managers leading high performing teams and smashing KPIs – consistently!
  • Fully responsive teams with a can-do attitude
  • An organisation filled with teams of problem solvers not problem creators

Who Should Attend

  • CEOs, middle management, line managers and supervisors
  • HR and personnel managers
  • Public sector leaders
  • All levels of general, operations, administration and sales management
  • Project managers and team leaders
  • Sales and Customer Services Personnel
  • Those new to management positions
  • All those in a professional setting who aim to improve their resilience and emotional intelligence