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About this Masterclass

There’s a difference between managing people and leading them. Great leaders also mentor and coach those around them to create greater impact and ensure long term success.

This is an engaging course that focuses on providing you with some of the techniques, tools and skills held by highly successful women and coaches so that you may become an effective leader; coaching and supporting others to develop their strengths and bring about transformational change.

This highly effective and practical Masterclass is designed for every woman who is committed to developing herself so that she can influence and develop high impact teams by encouraging professional and personal growth. Focussing on what makes up the mindset, skillset and a toolkit of an effective coach you will learn some of the practical methods highly skilled coaches use to empower others and increase engagement and overall team performance.


Facilitated by our incredible facilitator:

CATHY DIMARCHOS, Executive Coach | Trusted Business Strategy Advisor | Advisor
Mentor of the Year 2021 Better Business Awards Finalist | Strategy and Transformation
Business Executive and Keynote Speaker | Solutions2you

Cathy Dimarchos is an award-winning Business Advisor and Mentor who is passionate about supporting people to leave a lasting imprint. As a professional international advisor, consultant and motivational voice, Cathy dedicates her time to perfecting a combination of people, business and situational skills, delivering tangible business toolkits and solutions to clients from every imaginable background.

While others navigate networking circuits, Cathy dedicates her time to perfecting a combination of people, business and situational skills. 35 years in the finance industry and a background in Counselling and Human Change has taught her a lot about how people think, act and react – and what they don’t say, but wish they could.

As a passionate and accomplished individual with a proven track record in engaging people, teams and stakeholders to deliver transformational business focused strategies that build high-performance organisations, she is constantly looking at how she can deliver value and change that leads to successful people and businesses.

Who is this Masterclass for?

This masterclass has been developed for women who are ready to transform themselves by their commitment to lead more people and lift others around them. If we are to break through barriers, ceilings, and increase our own self-awareness, we need to be mindful of the way in which we engage and the impact we leave on others


What you can expect to learn?

  • Discuss the differences between coaching, mentoring & sponsorship
  • Establish good foundations for quality conversations
  • Identify and agree on minimum expectations for the coaching relationship to be effective
  • Utilise different feedback frameworks depending on the context
  • Identify different coaching approaches depending on the needs of your coaches
  • Practice using a well-tested coaching framework to give your coaching conversations structure and clear outcomes

Who Is this course for?

  • Managers & leaders of all seniority
  • Team leaders
  • Managers looking to increase their ability to communicate with, teach and nurture staff