Contract Law for Non-Lawyers Online Masterclass 2020

Contract Law for Non-Lawyers Online Masterclass 2020

Contract Law for Non-Lawyers Online Masterclass 2020

28 - 30 October, 2020 Masterclass One
24 - 26 November, 2020 Masterclass Two

About this Course

Konnect Learning’s Contract Law for Non-Lawyers is custom made for those who regularly encounter contracts in their everyday role or business. It is designed to provide you with the essential practical skills and knowledge to avoid financially devastating contractual errors.

By providing you with the latest legal updates and trends on contractual agreements and contract law in Australia, you will have the skills and knowledge to confidently overcome the complexities inherent in dealing with contracts in the corporate world.


About The Presenter

ALAN PRASAD, Partner, Nexus Law Group

Alan is one of the partners managing Nexus’ central office. He is a highly experienced and well respected corporate and commercial lawyer bringing 17 years’ experience in private practice, working with clients across Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and the South Pacific. He is the former head of Australian Lawyers Network, which merged with Nexus in 2016.

Alan is passionate about providing SMEs, national and international companies practical, commercially driven solutions to every facet of modern business and regulatory compliance and regularly advises companies in strategic acquisitions, business succession and dispute resolution.

As recognised innovators in the legal industry, Nexus Law Group is structured to deliver value to both clients and lawyers. Their unique structure is designed to bring clients top-tier legal skill at significantly lower cost than the top tier. They are one of the few law firms that are structured in this way. We also recognise and build on their traditional firm roots but are passionate about changing the industry for the better we do this with a focus on real value, not merely the perception of it.


Key Benefits Of Attending

  • Understand the basics of contract law, including contract formation and enforceability
  • Appreciate how to identify and overcome common problematic clauses before entering into a contract
  • Recognize how to discern risky clauses in a contract and how to manage them
  • Efficiently draft contract terms that reflect your company’s interests
  • Effectively identify and resolve contractual breaches
  • Comprehend legal risks when responding or issuing a tender

Who Should Attend

  • Managers
  • Chief officers
  • Directors