Indigenous Cultural Competency Masterclass 2021

Indigenous Cultural Competency Masterclass 2021

Indigenous Cultural Competency Masterclass 2021

About this Masterclass

Australia is home to the oldest continuous living culture in the world. This is a heritage which all Australian organisations share, and have a responsibility to nurture and sustain. The economic participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples provides a real path to reconciliation – and also allows the strengthening of ethical behaviour whilst working more effectively with Indigenous communities.

Indigenous Cultural Competency Masterclass will give organisations and individuals the skills to strengthen ethical behaviour by developing an understanding of obligations and responsibilities to Land and to each other – as Aboriginal people have practised for thousands of years. You will build your cultural capability to work effectively with members of the Aboriginal community and lead Aboriginal staff with greater impact and empathy. Most importantly, you will to improve retention of Aboriginal staff, make sure your employers, supervisors, and workplaces understand Aboriginal experience and what they can do to make Aboriginal employment work.


About your facilitator:

Paul Dodd, Founder, Corporate Culcha

Paul is the CEO, Director and Principal Consultant of Corporate Culcha, who identifies as a Bundjalung man, with traditional kinship ties to Wirri and Birriah first Nations. He is part owner of a number of other successful Supply Nation certified businesses including Geared Up Culcha and Yaru Water.

Prior to establishing Corporate Culcha, Paul worked with state and federal government departments in senior management positions.

Paul has a Bachelor’s Degree in Aboriginal Community Management and Development from Curtin University. He has worked with OxFam on community development projects with Indigenous people in New Zealand, Guatemala, Mexico, America and Canada.

Since founding Corporate Culcha in 2008 and developing and nurturing a wide and varied client base Paul has engaged in detailed consultations with each organisation in respect of their Indigenous Engagement, Mentoring and/or Cultural Awareness needs ensuring that the specific requirements of each group is met.  This has resulted in over 600 face-to-face cultural awareness programs being delivered by Corporate Culcha facilitators over the last six years, each individually tailored to the client.

Paul is focussed on identifying and nurturing talented facilitators and consultants amongst the Indigenous community, supporting many through accredited qualifications and assisting them to develop the skills necessary to engage Indigenous and non-Indigenous learners and support them to successful completion of training programs.

Paul also has a background in developing Indigenous Workforce Development Strategies including Indigenous Employment Strategies for government and corporate enterprises.  He also supports organisations to develop effective Indigenous Procurement plans.

Paul is a die-hard Rabbitohs supporter and is happy re-living the 2014 grand final over and over again!


Key Benefits of Attending

  • Gain knowledge and awareness of cultural identity in relation to colleagues, clients, customers, suppliers and the wider community
  • Understand the type of languages (written and spoken) that is generated in a particular field and the cultural assumptions and underpinning language
  • Appreciate Aboriginal approaches to teaching and learning
  • Put advice and information into appropriate language for the receiver
  • Appreciate the different behavioural styles of people from different cultures
  • Gain a greater attitude of tolerance towards differences
  • Upskill your ability to work more harmoniously and more effectively with others


  • Current and Future Indigenous Leaders
  • Senior Management to CEO
  • HR, Diversity and Indigenous Development
  • Procurement and Supply Chain
  • Education
  • Government departments across all levels
  • Community engagement

Expertly Facilitated By:

Paul Dodd
Corporate Culcha