Leadership for Women Masterclass 2021

Leadership for Women Masterclass 2021

Leadership for Women Masterclass 2021

About this Online Masterclass

An interactive, two-day course designed to help you build the awareness, agility and confidence to lead with wisdom, compassion and courage.

What got you here will not get you to where you want to go. This course is designed for anyone to rise to greater levels of influence, responsibility and decision-making. It is designed to challenge your assumptions, expand and develop your mindset, skillset and toolsets to be an effective leader whilst leader and professional and to navigate some of the challenges women can face at work.

You will explore frameworks and tools, master emotional intelligence, develop your unique leadership style, navigate the challenges women can face at work, learn powerful verbal and nonverbal communication skills, exert your personal influence and build a foundation for positive influence and success



Key Leadership Attributes To Take Away

  • Understand your strengths, blind spots and what is holding you back
  • Appreciate the patterns that define your current state of being
  • Build capacity to navigate your mind and develop your emotions
  • Move towards new and powerful ways of fulfilling your purpose
  • Master interpersonal communications
  • Step up into a focused and driven method of Leadership
  • Contribute to the development of women in your organisation