Leadership for Women Masterclass

Leadership for Women Masterclass


Leadership for Women Masterclass


About the Course

The Leadership for Women Masterclass has been developed based on significant experience in supporting women’s’ development both individually and in groups. It is relevant for any female leader or aspiring leader looking for developmental changes.

Leadership is now about how a leader thinks about and conceptualises the contexts in which she is called to lead.  This course is designed to challenge your assumptions, expand your mindset and to leverage your whole mind-body neurology.

You will learn the art of powerful verbal and nonverbal communication, the ability to navigate conflict and the agility to co-ordinate different perspectives to exert your personal influence for optimal decision-making.


  • Deepen your self-awareness to understand your strengths, blind spots and what is holding you back
  • Appreciate the patterns that define your current state of being
  • Move towards new and powerful ways of fulfilling your purpose
  • Build capacity to navigate your mind and develop your emotions
  • Broaden your perspectives with a diverse group of women to master inter-personal communications
  • Step up into a focused and driven method of leadership


  1. Confidence: The confidence you need to navigate your role and engage successfully with multiple stakeholders, customers and partners
  2. Communication: Leverage communication skills for shared understanding and increased impact
  3. Influence: Engage others with a greater presence
  4. Leadership Voice: Develop your unique authentic leadership style to express your intention clearly and eloquently
  5. Blending life and work: Find the balance amongst the various roles and contexts of your life
  6. Expanding perspective: Deepen and broaden your worldview and ability to coordinate different perspectives


About the trainer



Amanda Rose is Australia’s only Strategic Connector, Publisher of Business Woman Media and Co-Founder of Western Sydney Women.As one of the most influential people on LinkedIn, Amanda Rose (#BossLady) is quoted as an “internet winning blogger” by TIME.com and contributes regularly toABC The Drum, HuffingtonPost, Sydney Morning Herald, AFR & SkyBusiness. A passionate keynote speaker, Amanda Rose works with The Australian Defence Force, CPA Australia, Law Institute, UTS, ANZ, Western Sydney University and the Royal Australian Navy on the areas of confident leadership, conflict resolution & relationship building via connection. Amanda sits on the board of Assistance Dogs Australia.

Who should attend?

  • General Managers and Heads of Department
  • Senior Management
  • Middle Management
  • Future Leaders
  • HR Directors

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