Leadership Mindset Transformation Program

Leadership Mindset Transformation Program

Leadership Mindset Transformation Program

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28 - 27 October, 2020


Over the years, we’ve found the mindset changes and skills take-up required for truly great leadership can’t happen in a traditional, face-to-face course. It takes time, consistent coaching, self-reflection and trial and error on the actual job to internalise key learnings. While great leadership is learned, it takes time, effort and resources to get there. That’s why we’ve cooperated with MindNavigator to develop the Leadership Mindset Transformation Program. This is a 6-month developmental change program for company leaders that blends enquiry-based psychology, group discussions and on-the-job practices. You will receive a fully integrated 70:20:10 solution that tracks your engagement and progress. With the right mindset, hitting your leadership goals and milestones is only the first step!


This program is facilitator led and entirely online, incorporating a unique Mind-First System to improve your metal, emotional and behavioural agility so that you can channel the growth mindset of a truly great leader. You will develop self-mastery, adaptive thinking and the mindset transformation required to be an effective leader in the new environment.


About Your Facilitator


MindNavigator creates Mind-First™ organisations. The Mind-First™ System blends enquiry-based psychology, group dialog, and on-the-job practices deployed via on an online platform. MindNavigator’s system distils decades of research in psychologies and theories of change, the latest findings from neuroscience and the best of numerous world leading coaching methodologies, in one integrated solution.

Our solution offers a process to take advantage of the latest thinking around leadership maturity which is needed to navigate change and thrive in fluid, networked environments with flat structures and cross functional teams. The MindNavigator® vision is ultimately to contribute to human evolution and to the planet through facilitating greater awareness, conscious choice and deeper connection. We believe organisational change has a significant role to play in making this vision a reality.


[July 28] SESSION 1: Program Induction

[August 4] SESSION 2: Building Awareness

[August 25] SESSION 3: Focusing Attention

[September 8] SESSION 4: Cultivating Accountability

[September 29] SESSION 5: Developing Agility

[October 13] SESSION 6: Empowering Actualisation

[October 27] SESSION 7: Inspiring Artistry

Key Benefits of Attending

  • Develop the mindset of a truly great leader
  • Re-align your attitudes, beliefs, emotions and relationships for optimal results
  • Develop universal attributes of self-mastery and influence
  • Build your leadership support community and network
  • Expand your perspectives to broaden your skill set more easily
  • Supercharge your adaptive thinking and problem solving