Leading Your Virtual Workforce Masterclass

Leading Your Virtual Workforce Masterclass

Leading Your Virtual Workforce Masterclass

About this Masterclass

Remote working and work from home is here to stay in various forms. Whilst we’ve all moved quickly to adapt, as we begin to uncover what the long-term impacts of Covid on the wider workforce are, now is the time to fine-tune your management approach in a disjointed environment.

Leading Your Virtual Workforce Masterclass will give you an understanding of the benefits, nuances, and challenges of managing remote employees. If your workforce is taking a hybrid, non-traditional approach to working, non-traditional approaches to leadership must be implemented to ensure success. This workshop will give you the skills to engage team members, maintain high performance, and facilitating team cohesion in this environment. Focusing on communication, you’ll learn tools and techniques to create a virtual team culture built on connection, collaboration, and commitment.


Facilitated by our incredible trainer:

ARPAN ROY, Director and CO-Founder, Arman Consultancy

Arpan Roy is a leadership enthusiast, and is passionate about helping people become more adaptable, agile and accountable. Arpan collaborates with leaders in corporate organisations and businesses to create a culture of high performance, which enables them to create and add stakeholder value.

He is the author of an Amazon best-selling book ‘A Servant’s Heart- Leadership That Inspires’ as well as the recipient of ‘100 Top Training and Development Minds-Global’ at the World HRD Congress 2018.

Arpan’s purpose is to enable others to realise their peak potential. He has a corporate background with proven experience of leading teams of 20 or more, across geographical locations. Arpan has extensive experience in boosting team engagement, managing team dynamics, analysing and solving problems, and mentoring team members to make them better leaders.

Some of the key problems he addresses for his clients is lack of growth as a leader, low team engagement and productivity, challenges around sales, culture of reactive thinking within the team and tendency of people to work in silos.

Through his training programs, he shares insights and resources that clients can use to overcome the above challenges. Through his understanding of multiple frameworks around human behaviour, he identifies the cause of unrealised individual performance and creates effective and sustainable models for change that empower his clients to achieve desired results.





Key Benefits of Attending

  • Impart proactive commutation strategies to all staff and teams
  • Understand how you can break down barriers that limit productivity while working remotely
  • Translate company culture to your team members to create greater alignment
  • Impart proactive time management and problem solving skills to teams
  • Keep your team members productive and connected to your overall goals
  • Understand how you can motivate your team members at all times
  • Walk away with the keys to building accountability while working remotely
  • Master web-based presentations and meetings

Who should attend

  • CEOs, middle management, line managers and supervisors
  • HR and personnel managers
  • All levels of general, operations, administration and sales management Anyone
  • Project managers and team leaders
  • Sales and Customer Services Personnel
  • Those new to management positions
  • All those in a professional setting who aim to improve their assertive communication skills