Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Masterclass

Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Masterclass

Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Masterclass

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About this Course

33% of the workforce has experienced some form of sexual harassment over the past five years, according to Australian 2018 Respect@Work National Survey.

Employees will never reach their full potential until any underlying and hidden harm problems arising from workplace sexual harassment are eradicated. These issues must be handled with respect, clarity, and decisive action. Yet overcoming the harm in the workplace that stems from sexual harassment is a complex issue. Uncertainty about what to say and do can cause managers and leaders to delay taking action, avoid taking action altogether, or make the problems worse, to begin with.

This interactive, practical masterclass is designed for managers and leaders. You will strengthen your knowledge and understanding of how to respond to instances of sexual harassment, learn how to create a safe, respectful workplace and an environment where workers feel safe to report concerns, and develop proactive processes to stamp out instances of harassment altogether.


Your Incredible Facilitator

With 24+ years of experience working with victims and perpetrators to save lives and make a difference for at-risk individuals, children, and their families, Janine is extremely passionate about saving lives, while simultaneously helping organisations thrive.

Her career began in 1994 with the New Zealand Police as a sworn officer. Working in a variety of roles and ranks, Janine’s passion for protecting victims from serious harm and even death led to serious crime investigations as a Detective in 2004. She quickly moved to leadership positions, training teams of investigators and leading high-profile investigations with a high success rate across New Zealand. In 2015 she was selected to work on the New Zealand Police National Family Violence Team at Police National Headquarters, providing leadership, mentorship, direction, and guidance to staff and external stakeholders at national, district, and service levels.

Upon the release of acknowledgment of domestic violence through sources such as the Royal Commission into Family Violence in Australia, She packed relocated to Australia to make an even bigger difference for victims and
to devote the rest of her career to creating workplaces that are safe and supportive for all. Janine believes the only way forward to tackling this massive issue is through effective solutions that target the roots of violence at its core, keep victims safe, and provide employers with the knowledge and tools to significantly reduce costs within the workplace.


Key Benefits Of Attending

  • Recognise sexual harassment and the most appropriate responses
  • Develop strategies for knowing what to say and do in key moments
  • Better appreciate the impacts ond root causes of sexual harassment
  • Identify behaviours of concern, manage hazards and risk factors
  • Understand what initial action is required as a manager
  • Have effective and empathetic conversations with those raising concerns
  • Effectievly respond to reports of sexual harassment and support workers
  • Solve problems you may not have known how to address in the past
  • Respectfully meet employer responsibilities and duty of care with kindness, clarity and confidence

  • CEO’s, middle management, line managers and supervisors
  • HR, People & Culture and personnel managers
  • Risk and Safety managers
  • Contact officers and first responders
  • All those in a professional setting who aim to improve their safety and wellbeing responses