Authentic Leaders Summit 2020

Authentic Leaders Summit 2020


Authentic Leaders Summit 2020

17 - 20 March, 2020 Sydney

Why Attend?

Leadership has never been so important, especially at a time where trust is at an all-time low (Edelman Trust Barometer 2018) and purpose is now a strategic imperative (EY 2018).


“63% of employees do not trust their leaders”

Edelman Trust Barometer, 2018


The relationship between trust, purpose, and performance has never been so clear (Harvard Business School), and with values based companies outperforming on national stock exchanges, it’s easy to see why.


VW’s share price fell 23% after the emissions scandal

Bloomberg, 2018


AMP net profits fell 74% in the wake of the Banking Royal Commission

ABC, 2018


The role of management and leadership to develop trust and instil purpose has never been so essential. In fact, Larry Fink – CEO of the world’s largest investment firm BlackRock – in his letter to CEOs, expresses the need for leaders to develop drive change, stating organisations that are not trusted or cannot demonstrate a purpose have little long-term future.


“society is demanding that companies, both public and private, serve a social purpose”

Larry Fink, CEO, BlackRock 2018


And this starts with you, the team leaders, the managers, the executive leadership teams. Leaders need to develop their own approach and management style that instills values, creates trust, and develops an organisations purpose. This is done by first developing your own skills and then leading through them.


“A positive and significant relationship between leadership, trust, and an organisations performance”

Koohang & Goluchowski 2017


Authentic leadership is a management and leadership approach with an emphasis on building a leader’s legitimacy through honest relationships, where employees feel valued, creating a culture built on trust, values, and authenticity.


Becoming a more authentic leader is essential in developing the management and leadership skills that drive positive culture, purpose, and performance. Authentic Leaders 2019 helps you develop authentic leadership skills from leaders that live them every day. We have curated a program full of company case studies, inspiring stories, and advice from Australia’s most authentic leaders’, trusted companies and, purposeful organisations.


2019 Agenda | Day 1 | Authentic Leaders and Corporate Goals

2019 Agenda | Day 2 | Becoming an Authentic Leader

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Build trust in through your leadership approach
  • Develop your leadership and management capabilities
  • Explore purposeful and authentic leadership techniques
  • Steer your organisation through a positive cultural transformation
  • Understand the intrinsic link between successful business and effective leadership
  • Develop tools to identify future leaders and nurture their talents

Is this for you?

  • Do you want to get the most of your team?
  • Are you an executive that wants to drive a positive change?
  • Do you aspire to be an executive leader in the future?
  • Are you seeking to resolve employee dissatisfaction?
  • Do you want to become a trusted leader?

2019 Speaker Line-up

Adam Goodes
Former AFL Play & 4x All Australian
Damien Thomlinson
Veteran commando, swimmer, rally car navigator, para-snowboarder and author
Vincent Stanley
Director of Philosophy
Patagonia [USA]
Sandra Martinez
Nestle Australia
Frank Calabria
Origin Energy
Paul Anderson
Network 10
Leanne Harwood
Managing Director
IHG Group
Michael Schneider
Managing Director
Fran Boase
Simone Griffith
Co-Founder & CEO
Who Gives a Crap
Matt Tindale
Managing Director
LinkedIn Australia
Rohan Lund
Group CEO