Unleashing Creativity In Your Teams Masterclass

Unleashing Creativity In Your Teams Masterclass

Unleashing Creativity In Your Teams Masterclass

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About this Masterclass

Ideas are the currency of any customer experience, innovation, technology, people or transformation program. Yet most organisations and teams aren’t purposely set up to encourage creativity to flourish. Often their setup has the opposite effect, unintentionally killing creativity.

The masterclass provides a deep dive into the key barriers to individual and team creativity and how to overcome them. This includes how to design and facilitate the ideation phase and workshops, generate breakthrough ideas, harvest ideas for potential and turn these into experimentation briefs. In this interactive and experiential workshop, Nathan Baird shares his 20+ years of practicing, refining, honing, leading and training creative thinking and ideation on 100s of design and innovation projects and 1000s of workshops across multiple industries and continents.





NATHAN BAIRD, Founder, Methodry

Nathan is an internationally experienced author, speaker and innovation consultant living in Sydney,  Australia. He is one of the world’s leading Design Thinking practitioners, having practiced and taught it since before it was called Design Thinking.

He was previously a Partner of Design Thinking for global management consultancy KPMG, where he established and led KPMG’s Human Centred Design practice, helping the firm and its clients create customer-centric innovation and transformation. He has run 100s of innovation projects, 1000s of workshops and spent tens of thousands of hours practicing and training innovation across most industries and continents with global giants and market-leading organisations like the Australian Institute of Sport, Bausch & Lomb, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Diageo, Les Mills, Siemens and Unilever, as well as many small-medium enterprises, startups, not-for-profits and government.

He is super passionate about democratising innovation while balancing the need to maintain rigorous standards of teaching and practice to enable all individuals, teams, organisations and countries to prosper and flourish through design-led innovation. In his 20 years of experience in business Nathan has worked both client side and consultancy side, as well as running his own company.


You'll engage in a hands-on learning experience that includes:

  • A demystification of creativity, ideation and innovation and how they help organisations succeed
  • An understanding of the barriers to individual and team creativity and how to overcome them
  • How to think creatively to generate new solutions and lead this in others
  • A practical toolkit, mindset, language, and framework for creative problem-solving
  • An increased energy and confidence around creativity and ideation
  • The ability and confidence to lead creative thinking in any situation
  • Comprehensive understanding of the crucial elements of creative mastery: beliefs, behaviours, lateral thinking, state, and space
  • How to pick the winners, harvest ideas for potential and craft experimentation briefs
  • Lots of practice doing and facilitating ideation
  • How to create the right environment to lead and practice creativity on an everyday basis
  • Fun, engaging and good networking!

Key Leadership Attributes

  • C-suite including CEO
  • Chief innovation officers and managers
  • Chief Information Officers and IT Managers
  • EGM, GM, MD of all functional areas
  • Head of Strategy, Marketing, HR and Operations
  • Middle Managers
  • Directorship and Board
  • Director of Executive Education Stanford

Nathan is a spectacular resource to organisations, both in terms of being an outstanding coach, and also in his overall positivity and energy in driving them forward

  • Coach, Australian Institute of Sport

10 out of 5. So well presented, so interactive, awesome learning environment created. Took my knowledge of innovation from 1% to wanting to be creative and innovative in every step I take!

  • Heineken

I have been involved in a number of innovation training programmes and projects run by Nathan and his team. I have found their tools, techniques and the way in which they approach innovation and creativity to be both enlightening and effective. Nathan challenges your thinking and teaches you amazing techniques to unlock new insights and ideas.

Nathan supported our Foresight work at the ATO in 2020, including on the co-design and facilitation of the inaugural Strategic Foresight Program for the ATO. We simply could not have developed the program without Nathan’s insight and extensive experience in the innovation space!

  • Futurist

It’s a rare person that’s not only able to generate innovative ideas based on genuine insight, but also to teach others how they can develop that ability in themselves. Nathan is one of those people and his energy and expertise is bound to help drive any organisation forward.