Activate Your Voice For Women

Activate Your Voice For Women

Activate Your Voice For Women

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About this Masterclass

No matter your role, it’s important that you speak your truth and learn how to communicate so that your voice is heard.

All too often we find ourselves leaving conversations frustrated that we haven’t been heard or understood clearly. There are times when we haven’t been able to find the space in a meeting to share our perspectives at all!

This highly interactive 1 day masterclass will give you the opportunity to build your gravitas in all contexts, communicate with confidence and clarity, and make the practical mindset changes needed to remove roadblocks to expressing yourself.



Ami Cook, Founder and CEO, MindNavigator Technologies

Moved by a tragic accident that became the catalyst for personal change, Ami left a successful corporate career in business transformation to become a highly credentialed thought leader in human meaning-making.

Her work focuses on how our mental models significantly influence how we see our roles, how we respond to uncertainty and complexity, and how we interact with each other.

Ami is the Founder and CEO of a multiple award-winning organization that delivers technology-powered coaching. Her organization’s vision is a future where the pursuit of enjoyment and excellence at work is as accessible as air for every mind, everywhere. Ami works directly with CEOs and their teams in both a Coaching and Facilitation capacity.


Key Course Takeaways

  • Uncovered what is in the way of you finding and expressing your voice with confidence and clarity
  • Understood how to build capacity in your own communication style and how to listen for and respond to other people’s styles of communication
  • Explored how to optimise relationships at each stage of relationship dynamics and how to handle conflict
  • Built the confidence and know how to show up and have your voice heard

Key Leadership Attributes

  • Limit inner conflicts that might limit workplace performance
  • Project more authority and communicate with gravitas
  • Improve positive-attitude maintenance in challenging situations
  • Assess and adjust personal leadership style quickly, accurately and privately
  • Handle conflict with finesse
  • Freyssinet

Ami is a great speaker, engaging and knowledgeable. She encourages open discussion and people felt comfortable to speak in front of her.

  • Maroondah City Council

Ami was so well prepared and informative and presented information with logical flow, encouraging participants to engage actively to embed the learnings.

  • Roberts Co

Kind, friendly and approachable

  • City of Cockburn

Incredibly knowledgeable