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It’s a digital world and a lot of emphasis is placed on how technology can push your product or service further. And it can. But there’s an old adage that people buy from people, not only that, they buy from people they know and like. You need to give your customers an opportunity to get to know you. In person. That’s where sponsorship can help.

1. Put Your Business in the Spotlight

Position yourself as an authority in your industry, gain respect and credibility and stand out from the pack in front of the exact right target market for you. Instead of just attending show attendees what you are all about.

2. Get in front of your Target Market

We have a big database and we spend a lot of time and effort marketing our event to your exact target market because we have a mutual goal of bringing them together for the event. All you need to do is come prepared to dazzle them.

3. Lead Generation and New Contacts

Get new leads by attracting people to you that would otherwise be shy in making contact. Have games, give away prizes, make it fun. Conferences can be information overload, make networking fun and the leads will flock to you.

4. Get Your Brand Noticed

Get noticed by giving away something to the exact right target market. They’ll love it and remember you. It will save you hours of prospecting and paying for ads to navel gazers.

5. New Clients, New Customers, New Business

You never know who a new customer might be but with so many of the right people gathered together you can’t help but get new clients and close new business.

6. Give attendees a “taste” of your business

We all know how much advertising can cost. Clicks, views, impressions, EDMs. We can work with you to tailor a package that suits your needs in your budget for the best way you like to get in front of your audience. By leveraging the event to your advantage, there will be no limit on your potential ROI.


Whatever your needs, as long as you know how, when and by what method you like to engage with people, we can tailor a package to suit your needs. Be it an intimate private dinner with your selection of delegates or a keynote speaking slot in front of the entire audience, we can make it happen!

Never underestimate the value of standing face to face with a person and engaging them with the thing you are most passionate about.

Strategic sponsorship opportunities are limited. Contact the sponsorship team on (02) 8248 0200 or email to discuss bespoke package options.

Media Partners

If you’re an industry publication and you want to increase your circulation to the right target market, get in touch. We’ve partnered with a range of publications across all industries and have always found successful ways to make the relationship mutually beneficial.

You’ll be able to associate your publication with leading events that the industry support, get access to the best thought leaders in your industry for interviews or thought leadership pieces and both parties have achieved mutually beneficial marketing exposure.

You’ll be able to get out there and actually meet the people who consume your content.

To discuss opportunities to partner, get in contact.

If you would like to enquire about becoming a media partner, please call (02) 8039 7801 or email:

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