Tomorrow's leaders

Who we are

We build great leaders.

Anyone can manage people, but only great leaders drive vision and success. Regardless of what you do, we believe anyone can become a great leader.

With access to the right people, the right training, in the right format, we will empower you to become a leader of tomorrow; the leader who drives success through ethics, innovation, equality and strategy.

Your leadership journey starts with us.

What we do

We launched The Leadership Institute in 2017 with the aim of creating a singular point of contact for all leaders and managers regardless of industry or profession. To become a truly successful leader, you must be constantly learning, developing and honing your management and leadership skills.

Our team works with managers and leaders, professional associations, industry leaders, executive coaches and our own partners and advisory panel to curate educationally focused professional development and training programs.

Based on our founding pillars, we curate bespoke seminars, workshops, in-house training and week-long educationally focused Summits that help professionals develop the necessary skills to succeed and build a professional network to prosper.

Our programs are delivered in various formats. From a 4-day immersive program to 1-day intensive courses, bespoke in-house training, after-work seminars or webinars – we want to help you learn in a format that suits you best.

Four Pillars of The leadership Institute

Our Pillars:

Ethics, Trust & Purpose | Innovation, Technology & Digital Leadership | Equality, Inclusion & Diversity | Strategy, Growth & Development

We are a cross-industry, membership driven organisation with an aim to develop current and future leaders. No matter your industry, profession, or leadership stage, we want to help you develop the right skills, in the right way at the right time.

Ethics, Trust & Purpose

The Ethical Leader is a leader of tomorrow. Trust and purpose are now essential assets for any business, but they are also a characteristic of the most successful managers. Developing your personal purpose and managing through a set of values and ethics instills trust in your decision making. To become a truly successful manager and build high performing teams, you must develop your authentic self and hone your leadership skill set.

Equality, Inclusion & Diversity

The Equal Leader is one that inspires diversity of people and, of thought. As a manager, you must champion change, drive diversity, and exercise equality. Not only does this secure you the best talent, it delivers the best results and retains your most valuable colleagues.

Innovation, Technology & Digital Leadership

The Innovative Leader is agile, wise to disruptive technology and embraces change. If you are not on top of emerging technological trends, then you’re sure to be disrupted. If you do not rethink your strategy and business models, then you will quickly lose your competitive advantage. Leadership in this digital era is an essential skill that you need to understand to lead in the 4th industrial revolution.

Strategy, Growth & Development

The Strategic Leader is one who approaches a situation holistically, who understands the entire process and overcomes challenges with innovative solutions. A Strategic Leader sees opportunity where others don’t and steers companies to grow and succeed. The Strategic Leader has skills in every area of business, the Swiss army knife of modern management.

Advisory board

TLI invites professional leaders to join our advisory board. Our board of advisors help us identify major trends, challenges and opportunities in leadership, innovation, equality and strategy.

We are currently forming our advisory board, so watch this space!

If you would like to become part of our Leadership Advisory Board, please enquire:

Meet the team

Executive-Director & Chairman
Dana Lightbody

Dana’s foray into Leadership started in 2007 when she took over as General Manager for a boutique learning company. Moving to MD and then Director five years later, Dana’s passion is for leaders to share ideas and experience so that the future of our workforce is guided by the very best leadership techniques we can offer. That starts with the Institute, a place where today’s and tomorrow’s leaders can shape the future of leadership.