5 Key Traits of Innovative Entrepreneurs

Learn the 5 key traits of innovative entrepreneurs and the actionable strategies you can implement today to win in the innovation game.


If you are a new business in 2020 creating value by offering innovative solutions to your customers, well done 


Businesses everywhere, including the biggest and the most established ones, are working hard to develop what you’ve got – the innovative, startup mindset to modernise and stay in business. They are trying to score innovation wins to survive the next wave of disruption. 


As a new business owner, do you have what it takes to sustain your innovation game? Or will the next, shiny new business take you out when you’re just getting started? 


The findings in Innovators Become Leaders report suggest that successful innovators share 5 Key Traits that you should institutionalise in order to sustain the culture of innovation you’ve started in your new company. 


5 Key Traits of Innovative Entrepreneurs

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