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Authentic Leadership Summit 2020: Day 1, March 18 Speaker Lineup

How “Real” Can You Get in Business? Know What Leading with Authenticity REALLY Means


More than ever before, employees are gravitating towards companies and leaders with a clear sense of purpose and direction. It has become a well-worn trope around business circles, and we’ve all heard big talk about “keeping it real,” but do we understand what it means?


Back for its fifth year, the Authentic Leadership Summit 2020 teaches you how to lead with a greater purpose in the contemporary business climate. It is a carefully curated, 4-day program focusing on the core tenets of Authentic Leadership and how you can employ its principles in your organisation to drive better business outcomes and make our world a better place at the same time.

We are thrilled to announce the impressive speaker lineup for Day 1, March 18 of the Authentic Leadership Summit 2020.

Currently Chair of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Ita balances this high-profile role with advancing the cause for Dementia Australia, Macular Disease Foundation, Arthritis Australia, and Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Understand the roles leaders should play in building consensus for solving future challenges — climate change, technology, and socio-economic issues   — that our nation and your organisation will face.

Learn about the Agency’s work to improve health outcomes for all Australians through the delivery of digital healthcare systems, including the national expansion of the My Health Record system.

Australia’s leading banks are facing a massive and very public task of rebuilding trust. Mike Baird addresses the organisation’s current position and what it is doing to ensure a bright future for its customers, employees, and shareholders.

In recent times, confidence in both public and private sectors have fallen sharply. Judy’s keynote will help us to connect the dots between working with communities and rebuilding trust in public and private institutions.

Damien firmly believes in purpose-led leadership through daily demonstration of values-driven behaviours. In this session, Damien will outline his leadership journey and how he aims to apply these principles in his role leading AIA Australia and New Zealand.


As the ultimate decision-maker for the online retailer’s growth, partnerships, and strategy, Tim knows what it takes to ensure this e-commerce Titanic stays on-course. He will be sharing what he’s learned from his years of experience in this exclusive keynote.

Authentic leadership for Ümit is about understanding the needs of your people and your organisation while being adaptable to the contemporary business climate. In his keynote, he will talk about the value of authenticity and servant leadership while respecting and maintaining professional and organisational comfort zones.

NIB’s ultimate goal is to “shift away from being a sick care company, towards being more of a healthcare company.” In this session, Mark will explain how steadfast company values and shared purpose drive organisational success.

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