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3 Ways Authentic Leaders Win the Talent Game

Authentic leaders enjoy a reputation for being effective people managers – able to engage a fiercely loyal and talented team to drive exceptional results


In today’s talent-driven economy, where there are fewer skilled talents than jobs, candidates are looking for intangibles like “real” leadership aside from top-of-market salaries and benefits.  


What does it take to be a “real” leader and why does it matter in hiring and retaining talent? 


“Real” or authentic leadership demands sincerity, genuine support and integrity. Top candidates are looking for these attributes in their would-be bosses – leaders whom they believe will value them and invest in their future success.  


3 Ways Authentic Leaders Win the Talent Game 


1. They attract and retain the right people 

Many leaders underestimate the cost of employee turnover. If things don’t work out, they immediately fire and hire another. 

Consider this  – each lost employee can conservatively cost a company 33% on average of the employee’s base pay.  To put it another way, for every three people who leave the company for the same expense, would cost an additional full-time employee. (Source: Work Institute 2018 Retention Report)

Authentic leaders understand that every team member brings something special to the organisation and aren’t merely a set of skills with a price tag. They make sure to engage each employee for the long term by developing and realising potential.


2. They understand human motivation 

Today’s workforce is motivated by meaning and connection – what can they can get out of working for your organisation beyond salaries and benefits? Any company can offer that. What makes you any different?   

Authentic leaders nurture talent by creating a culture of belonging and recognition.  They spark their employees’ ambitions and match them with opportunities in the organisation.


3. They inspire people to become powerful advocates for the company 

According to a study by the Edelman Trust Barometer, an employee advocating for the company is twice more likely to be trusted than the CEO. Additionally, 70% of respondents trust the personal posts of co-workers, friends and family compared to only 15% who trust the posted messages from the official company account. 

Imagine the power of a story – an employee sharing an uplifting and inspiring work experience. Authentic leaders ignite a passion within the employee to amplify the message on behalf of the company. 


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