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Event Announcement – Indigenous Leadership Summit 2020

Announcing Indigenous Leadership Summit 2020

The Indigenous Leadership Summit is a comprehensive and inclusive, education-focused program over two summit days and two workshop days, happening on May 26 to 29 in Sydney. 


Equal access to opportunity  

There has been a lot of debate on representation of indigenous leadership in politics, but there isn’t enough attention given to developing indigenous leaders and creating opportunities for them in both public and private sectors. 

It is for this reason that The Leadership Institute is bringing together inspiring leaders, government and industry stakeholders and workplace representatives from across the country in a 4-day summit. 


Advancing indigenous talent success 

Current and future Indigenous Leaders, senior management, HR professionals and the academia attending the summit will advance their knowledge on how to increase indigenous participation and shape their leadership abilities in a globally competitive world. 

Attendees can expect to take away best practice ideas, not only in leadership development, but also in building a highly engaged and productive workforce by empowering indigenous talent. Other benefits of attending include — 

  • Understanding the success formula of influential Indigenous Leaders and the organisations that support them 
  • Learning the strategies to growing your Indigenous workforce and supply chain 
  • Discovering the many opportunities and programs for future Indigenous leaders 
  • How to win the support of stakeholders to grow partnerships and maximise reconciliation efforts 


Empowerment, excellence and action 

Dana Lightbody, Chair of The Leadership Institute emphasizes the goal of the summit, adding –  

“Indigenous knowledge and culture can enrich Australian organisations and make them stand out in the global economy. We are gathering influencers, educators and decision-makers to discuss strategies for indigenous talent success. We’re focusing on overcoming institutional barriers and gaining more opportunities in all areas of leadership.” 

The Indigenous Leadership Summit brings together inspiring current and emerging indigenous leaders, government and industry stakeholders and workplace representatives from across the country to examine cultural heritage, leadership opportunities and strengths, and what we can do to ensure greater opportunities in the future. Reserve your spot today. 

Indigenous Leadership Summit Speakers

Indigenous Leadership Summit Speakers