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Top 5 Challenges Facing Leaders in Education

Top 5 Challenges Facing Leaders in Education

There are problems that women face in their career simply for being women. Barriers such as work-life balance, equality of opportunity, lack of participation and the gender pay gap, make it difficult for women, from any industry, to advance. The same is true for women in education. But when it comes to their own professional development, it gets more complicated.            


For one, the education sector has its own set of challenges – declining growth and the threat of disruption, just to name a few. Now more than ever, the education industry needs a new breed of leaders, women and men, to bring about transformative change. 


Here are 5 challenges facing leaders in education and the opportunities that could enable them to turn things around for their proud institutions. 


Challenge #1 Transitioning from Faculty to Management 

Leaders in education face a dilemma as they advance in their careers – to lead in the classroom as educators or to lead in the institution as administrators. Do they have to choose one over the other? Is it possible to do both and do them well? Most definitely. 


There is a tremendous opportunity for teachers to leverage classroom techniques such as effective study skills, course design, planning and rubrics, to lead successfully in the business side of education.  


Challenge #2 Investing in Leadership Education 

It is ironic that educators are missing out on their own leadership education. When learning opportunities are abundant and accessible, it is easy to put them aside. Teachers urgently need to commit to their own education success to stay relevant and ahead of competition. 


Challenge #3 Responding to the Threat of Disruption 

As self-paced, individual learning rises, educational institutions are under threat of being disrupted. All members of the education sector, whether teacher, administrator, researcher or policymaker, are challenged to innovate the old business model and find new ways to deliver value. 


Challenge #4 Shifting focus on the Customer-Experience 

Education can take a page from the playbook of commercial enterprises in creating lasting customer relationships. Future leaders in education must be customer-focused in order to succeed – dedicated to serving life-long learners and catering to their evolving wants, needs and preferences.  


Challenge #5 Collaborating with Businesses 

Education is not currently fulfilling the qualified, skilled labor that today’s businesses demand. According to a 2018 EY study, more than half of Australia’s employers say that degrees in management are not worthwhile. 


By partnering with businesses, leaders in education will be able to effectively design content and produce exceptional, job-ready candidates. 



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