Neurodivergent Leadership Masterclass

Neurodivergent Leadership Masterclass

Neurodivergent Leadership Masterclass

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About this Masterclass

Neurodivergent Leadership Masterclass takes a unique and novel approach for enabling atypical staff to enjoy professional success and leadership development in a typical workplace. This course will empower you to reduce masking and camouflaging, and show up professionally, yet unapologetically, as your unique and awesome self.

Your differences are the superpowers this world needs! It’s time to face one of the final frontiers of diversity, equity and inclusion head on!





Former executive and diplomat, Autistic Leader, Professional Neurodivergent Coach, CEO Grit n Grace Collective

For 20 years, Joey worked at an executive level in a wide range of organisations all around the world.

She is:

Formally qualified in business, communications and executive leadership

A seasoned management consultant with the Big Four

Former commercial diplomat in Washington DC

It also turns out Joey is Autistic!

She thinks, feels and acts differently. She sees things in a way that others can’t. She creates order out of chaos; whether it is information, plans or pantries. She thinks logically and incredibly literally. And she gets things done. During her work as a management consultant and leader, Joey has coached hundreds of CEOs, leaders and managers to improve their productivity, find their purpose at work and for to the big promotions.

Now she is bringing that knowledge and toolkit to the Neurodivergent community so that their talents are leveraged at work. She established Grit n Grace Collective as a place where she could belong without having to fit in, and you can too.


Key Course Takeaways

  • Craft a clear and professional articulation of your neuro-profile, preferred way of working and unique needs that make more sense to neurotypical brains.
  • Implement practical plans to better manage your sensory sensitivities and give you the energy to thrive in a typical workplace
  • A toolkit of productivity hacks that will be the envy of your neurotypical colleagues
  • Develop your authentic personal brand and leadership style that stands out in the crowd and - in a good way.
  • Gaine clarity on your life purpose and move towards goals that to align your personal and professional passions.

Key Leadership Attributes

  • Understand your strengths, blind spots and what is holding you back
  • Appreciate the patterns that define your current state of being
  • Build capacity to navigate your mind and develop your emotional
  • Move towards new and powerful ways of fulfilling your purpose
  • Master inter-personal communications
  • Step up into a focused and driven method of Leadership
  • Contribute to the development of women in your organisation
  • Freyssinet

Ami is a great speaker, engaging and knowledgeable. She encourages open discussion and people felt comfortable to speak in front of her.

  • Maroondah City Council

Ami was so well prepared and informative and presented information with logical flow, encouraging participants to engage actively to embed the learnings.

  • Roberts Co

Kind, friendly and approachable

  • City of Cockburn

Incredibly knowledgeable