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In Conversation: Janine Allis’ Leadership Tips

Janine Allis leadership tips blog

Running out of money, breakdown of relationships, hiring the wrong people and not being customer focused are just four reasons business fail according to Janine Allis.

Janine Allis is considered one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs. Having grown Boost Juice from the confines of her kitchen walls, to 467 worldwide stores and over $2bn in sales, it’s easy to see why.

However, it’s not just the numbers that make a business successful, it takes good leadership. Having won numerous business awards, including Telstra’s ‘Business Women of the Year’ and being inducted into the ‘Business Women Hall of Fame’, we spoke with Janine ahead of the 3rd annual Women In Leadership Summit to find out why she believes so many businesses fail, why leadership is so important, and how she empowers people in her workplace.


You have had so much success with Boost Juice and other Retail Zoo brands, but we really want to know why you think so many businesses come and go, why do you think they fail?

There is often not one reason, but below are some of the top reasons:

Run out of money: Young businesses are cash hungry and often people simply have not got access to the resources to continue.

Relationship breakdown: The breakdown of a partnership is often difficult in business. When people have different visions for a business, this can cause for business to fail.

People: Getting the wrong people in your business and not being strict with the people who you bring in. And finally,

Customer: Not focusing on the customers and continuing to deliver what they need.

You started your first company from your kitchen. There are so many out there who dream of leaving the corporate life and setting up their own business, what’s your advice to those reading this?

My advice is that having your own business is not for everyone. Often you need to risk your own finances which may have taken years to accumulate. The transition from corporate to your own business can be difficult as you are used to being surrounded by teams of people who are experts in their field and then you find yourself on your own.

There are both positives and negatives to corporate and to starting a business. Make sure you consider them all before you hand in your resignation letter.


One of the things you must consider is leading an organisations, but a lot of people don’t see themselves as born ‘leaders’. Do you think you were and how have you grown as a leader over time?

We grow all the time, as people, as leaders, as students. Life is a constant evolution of yourself. I think the key is to be yourself every day. If you are a leader, be a strong, confident leader that can make decisions and follow through.


Keeping on leadership, you must see so many ‘leaders’ and business owners with such apposing approaches and styles, especially as one of the Sharks. What do you think makes a successful leader today?

Clear communication of the vision that you want to achieve, strong decision making and good listening skills. A leader does not HAVE to be liked but aims to be respected while working with integrity. They do what they say and say what they do.


So, this year’s event is all about Empowerment, what does this word mean to you?

Empowerment for me is taking ownership of everything I do. That I own the outcomes for all my decisions. I do not blame outside forces for what happens in my life.


Can you give me some examples of how you try and empower people in your company?

My Digital Manager is a gun. When he came on I told him that my job was to clear the freeway for him and his job was to create campaigns and programs that have never been done before and to make us the leader in the Retail digital space.


What is your advice for other leaders and business owners when looking to empower women in their organisations?

Do not look at them as women but look at them as valued team members and treat them as such.


So, your session at WILS 2018. You’ll be touching on the not so pretty side of business. What has been the most challenging aspect of building such as successful business and what’s your advice to other business owners and managers out there?

I am not sure that my presentation talks about the ‘not so pretty’ but more just what it is like to be in business. It is neither pretty nor ugly, it is just what it is. My session will be an honest look at my journey from a young girl from the burbs to a business owner, who was working it out as she went.

To hear from Janine Allis in person, as well as other leaders including Michelle Bridges and Leigh Sales, book your seat to the Women In Leadership Summit – empower yourself and those around you!