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5 Ways to Make Remote Collaboration Work

Here are 5 things that you can do as a leader to foster effective collaboration and camaraderie for your newly setup remote team.


“Remote work” is now just “work” in the age of forced social distancing due to the COVID19 pandemic – when people are forced to limit all interactions to a device in order to get the work done. 


Now that getting together in a room is a potential health risk – how can you help your team overcome social isolation and succeed in the new normal of remote collaboration?  


1. Turn up the energy 

You need to ensure that everyone is energised to communicate and collaborate. In online meetings and classrooms for example, you have to do more to enliven the conversation to make up for the lack of in-person interaction. 


2. Establish communication structures 

There are certainly distractions and physical limitations to remote work that make collaboration challenging. You can no longer expect the same level of focus you once had when the whole team was in the office.  

As a leader, you need to establish a structure for the team’s activities – when and where do you do check-ins and how often – so that the team is aligned and on-task. This is where you need to take full advantage of digital workspaces like Slack and MS Teams to make sure that everyone is on the same page. 


3. Communicate visually  

Get your team to absorb and engage with your message by becoming a visual communicator – using compelling video contentgraphics and animations on your presentations. There’s a library of free visual assets and tools available online to help you get more creative in communicating your intent. 


4. Encourage continuous learning  

As a leader, you’re not just implementing business-as-usual activities online, you also need to think about how your team is growing in this new spaceHow are you managing the implementation of new ideas and strategies once the team goes offline? Leaders need to match virtual lessons and instructions with real-world scenarios to help their teams transfer new knowledge into serviceable skills. 


5. Make it fun 

Finally, you must find a way to keep the team spirit alive by making time for an online team party. No work agenda, just one hour in the work week to socialiseFor example, end the week to celebrate team wins, no matter how small, over beer and pizza. 


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