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Learn The 3 Key Abilities of Effective Crisis Leadership

3 key abilities of effective crisis leadership

Anyone can learn to demonstrate effective crisis leadership with these key abilities, take decisive action and make a difference. 


Are you watching the news on the coverage on COVID19 pandemic and seeing the good, the bad and the ugly in leaders from all levels of governing? As we hope for better leadership to move us out of a desperate situation and into an uncertain future, we wonder – are some people just born to lead? 


While leadership is extremely difficult, complex and demanding, it is not a matter of possessing natural, superhero abilities. It is a matter of acquiring a specific set of skillsThe fact is, anyone can learn to demonstrate effective crisis leadership with these key abilities  


1. Keeping calm and carrying on 

The ability to take control of a “fire” with timely and purposeful action is the kind of leader that you want to be in a time of crisis. By rising above the noise and the chaos to rationally assess the situation, an effective leader can get everything and everyone to work together on a swift solution. 


2. Actively communicating 

We look up to leaders to model our behaviour in a time of crisis. And a leader who communicates clearly and authentically, can influence the right behaviour and response  keeping fear and anxiety at bay and bringing out the best in others. 


3. Practicing a strategic mindset 

In trying to weather the storm, leaders often get hit by a massive onslaught of data. The challenge is to process and qualify the information by learning how to ask the right questions to arrive at a solution and take decisive action. 


The bottom-line 

These are the times when leadership is put to the test and we despair at some of the reckless response that we are getting. The truth is nothing could have prepared us for a catastrophe as far reaching as this pandemic. We can, however, learn these practical smarts to demonstrate the kind of leadership that we wish to see in our current and future leaders and make a difference.


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