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How to Behave Authentically as a Leader

Learn the difference between your honest and your authentic self, improve your leadership style and inspire the best in others 


What is authenticity? Who has it? And why is it such a desirable quality in leadership 


Authenticity is the secret sauce to influencing others.  


Often associated with being true to oneself, authenticity is actually less about honest self-expression and more about presenting the best version of yourself in relation to others.  


To illustrate the difference between your honest and your authentic self, let’s run a typical work scenario – One of your peers rudely interrupts you with a dumb comment during an important meeting. How would you respond and regain control?  


How Not To Be Authentic - Rude Response


You’ve expressed your irritation and shot down the commenter with a quick burn. This is you at your most honest. But is it really the best way to respond? By snapping back, you signal threat and aggression. You’re also warning the rest of the team to keep their mouths shut if they know what’s good for them. 


How Not to be Authentic - Polite but Fake Response


This is worse than rude honesty. You are not doing yourself and your team any favors by tolerating or ignoring rude behavior.  


Authentic Response

Ask questions calmly and listen for the answers.


Confronting and challenging rude interrupters to a dialogue lets you speak your mind without sounding aggressive. It appeals to your better nature and teaches others, by example, to be respectful and thoughtful with their speech.  


It is important to realise that authenticity is a social skill.

In leadership, authenticity equates 
with being self-aware in social situations in order to effect positive interactions. To sum it up, a person is regarded as authentic in the truthful expression of their character while cultivating healthy relationships.  


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